October 2016

Congratulations to Nicola: She was honoured with the Kulturpreis Bayern 2016 for her prizeworthy dissertation. Since Nicola was already busy screening zebrafish in Boston, I happily received the award in her place.


October 2016

Xuen Ng has started his bachelor thesis work in the lab. Welcome and have a great time in the lab, Xuen!


August 2016

We welcome Niels Nardini to the lab. Have a great time during your research-module and bachelor work!


July 2016

Lab-trip to the Wiesent for a bit of kayaking and canoeing. 



Mai 2016

Professors at the Landesgartenschau in Bayreuth:

Landesgartenschau 2016

April 2016

Jasmin Skottke started her Bachelor project in our lab. Welcome to the team, Jasmin!


March 2016

Congratulations on defending your thesis, Dr. Nicola Blum!



December 2015

Thanks to all the students who evaluated my lecture "Knowledge of the Endemic Fauna" in the summer of 2015. Apparently it was met with such enthusiasm, that the Fachschaft Bio, Chemie and Geo awarded me the "Golden Chalk", the prize for outstanding teaching achievements.

Goldene Kreide 2015 Wale


August 2015

Nicola had two papers published in Development this month! Congratulations for the fantastic work!


In short, bone-producing cells (osteoblasts) in the fin need retinoic acid to make bone, and also during regeneration of an amputated fin a lot of retinoic acid is produced by different cell types. Unfortunately, during regeneration retinoic acid not only prevents osteoblasts from turning into a proliferating precursor, but also stops osteoblasts from differentiating back into a mature osteoblast. Local inactivation of retinoic acid by Cyp26b1 turns out to protect osteoblasts and their precursors and allows regeneration of a new skeleton. And how do osteoblasts manage to form evenly spaced fin rays (left image) instead of an unordered mess of bone (right image)? Get the details from the press release.


July 2015

We went to the "Kulmbacher Bierwoche" and hiked up to the Plassenburg with beverages at the ready.



Bayreuth University celebrated its 40th birthday with a Campus party. The professors were the DJs.



Here is my playlist to relive the evening.


June 2015

Our team "Die Physiologen" wins the BC-Cup! Well done, congratulations for sensational footwork and skillz with the ball!



Congratulations to Nicola for the fantastic opportunity to experience the Woods Hole Embryology course.

We are also happy to welcome 3 newcomers to our group! Good luck and enjoy your projects, Mike Breu, Fabian Merkel and Jan Steffens!


May 2015

A storm has left two Wacholderdrosseln, or "fieldfares" (Turdus pilaris), in the care of Thomas and the LBV.



March 2015

Postersession at the "Meeting of the German and French Societies for Developmental Biology" in Nuremberg.




July 2014

Lisa Marzi started her Master project this month. Great to have you in the team, Lisa!


May 2014

What a great honour! The children in and around Bayreuth have voted for the four Professors they want to hear this summer and I am one of them! So here we go, the title is:


Date and place: Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2014, 17.15 Uhr, Audimax


March 2014

Michi Schulz joined our lab to work on his master thesis. Have fun and all the best for the coming months!


October 2013

We have a new Ph.D. student in our team. Welcome to Germany, Nemanja! And have a great start into your projects.


August 2013

Thomas Liebenstein started his master's thesis work. Welcome and good luck, Thomas!


July 2013

Lab "retreat" to the Annual Beer Festival in Kulmbach to sample the local varieties of beer and Apfelschorle.



May 2013

We welcome our new Bachelor student Mike Breu in the lab. Have a good time, Mike!


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